Oysta Pearl 2

Introducing Oysta Pearl II Supported by Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare care platform and Hawkeye 24/7/365 Monitoring via our Digital ARC. The Pearl II enables early intervention, preventative and self-care for vulnerable independent people (VIP) living on their own. A mobile digital solution, the reach of an Oysta Pearl II is not reliant on proximity to a control box or landline. Combining the power and flexibility of GPS, WIFI mapping & location technology within a simple handheld device, the Oysta Pearl II can locate and assist a VIP. Easy to use, the Oysta Pearl II allows safer independence for the VIP and peace of mind for family and carers.

Independent Living for Vulnerable Independent Persons

£34.99 per month fully inclusive of data costs and 24/7 monitoring - 12-month contract 1st month free

prices are shown without VAT

*VAT Exemption: If you as the alarm user or the person you are ordering for are chronically ill or disabled then you do not have to pay VAT for this service. No VAT will be added to your purchase price. You will need to complete a short VAT relief form, which you can do by phoning Hawkeye on 01704 332346. If you do not qualify for VAT exemption, VAT will be added to your invoice.


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