About Us

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Hawkeye Security Care Ltd is proud to provide alarm receiving and monitoring services.

We believe we can achieve amazing things by working together with our partners, customers and stakeholders, staying focused on our objectives. We have carefully shaped our vision and values around where we want to get to and how we’re going to get there.

We are here to support you and you can be sure that we will continue to develop our services in line with the needs of the people we serve and innovate by investing in the resources and technology that help us to continually improve.

Our Mission

Hawkeye Security Care Ltd is committed to providing services that support the health, wellbeing and safety of its customers and their property at all times.

Ensuring our team have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our customers, we aim to provide a service that is compassionate, caring and supportive and focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Our Vision

We are committed to our Customers and Hawkeye’s vision is to achieve excellence in the delivery of all its services. Our customers are important to us and we understand that we can support people to achieve their goals by providing services that:

Our Values

Our people bring our values to life, we work together to understand what is important to you. Here at Hawkeye Security Care Ltd, we believe in:

Dignity & Respect

We believe in you, everyone should be recognized, respected and valued as an individual.

Trust & Integrity

You can put your trust in us, our services are delivered to the highest standards of moral and ethical practice.


We believe that we directly impact on our Customers level of independent living. 


We will alter existing methods and tasks to make them more efficient and user friendly.


We take responsibility and are accountable for everything we do. whether successful or unsuccessful.


We cooperate with each other and work towards shared goals.


We act with integrity and take pride in being trustworthy and honest.


We recognise the dignity of others and listen attentively. We are open to new thoughts and ideas.